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Beadling Soccer Club ranked in top 100 girls clubs in US by SoccerWire

Photo courtesy Beadling SC Facebook page

SoccerWire announced in February its first-ever list of top 100 girls’ soccer clubs in the country — and one local, long-standing club. Beadling Soccer Club came in at number 75 on this list.

The list compiled by SoccerWire takes several factors into its ranking algorithm as they measure the competitiveness of U13-U19 teams, recent U.S. Youth National call-ups, successes in the most elite levels of the youth game, the number of blue-chip college soccer prospects and professional players that come from the club and facilities.

The list is mostly filled with teams from the highest levels of Youth Soccer in the U.S. — primarily Development Academy and ECNL clubs.

Not all the clubs are from these two leagues. Beadling competes in the USYS leagues which is home to the National League. The USYS National League is comprised of the top teams in the USYS and compete over three events. Winners earn a spot in the USYS National Championships. Regional Leagues sit under the National League where teams can earn their spot into the Regional Championships. The USYS State Cup provides for all local teams a chance to earn their way into the Regional Championships with each champion at the regional tournament earning their spot at the USYS National Championships.

Beadling jumped from being ranked 75th in February to 69th for the month of March. They are currently the only club in Western PA to make the top 100.

Recently, I sat down with Joenal Castma, Denny Kohlmeyer and Buffy Hasco three of the club’s leaders to discuss what it means for Beadling Soccer Club to be part of this list.

Pittsburgh Soccer Now (PSN): What does it mean for Beadling to be on this list, and to move up 6 spots in its second month?

Denny Kohlmeyer (DK): I think it is great for Beadling to be considered one of top 100 girls Clubs and moving up 6 spots is even better. It shows the amount of hard work all of our coaches, players and families put into making Beadling a highly recognized successful program.

Buffy Hasco (BH): The rich generational aspect of the club illustrates the deep investment and commitment of individuals, families and alums. We have many coaches who played for the club, whose children are now coming up through the academy, 1898 and teams. At every level of the club there are former players, including our board and leadership team.

Joenal Castma (JC): It shows that Beadling continues to do the right things to help our players develop. I fully believe in developing the players first and everything else falls in place.

(PSN): Looking at the factors that goes into the creation of the rankings, where is it that you feel Beadling stands out the most?

  • Competitiveness of the U13-U19 teams
  • Recent U.S. Youth Call Ups
  • Club success at the elite level
  • The amount of Elite Blue Chip Prospects
  • Professional Players

(DK): Every one of the reasons you have listed are all very important and things we analyze every year. The club sets goals, we pass along those goals to our coaches that then in return pass along those Core values to all our players. That nothing comes easy while everyone wants to win, which players will put in the extra time to win, that is what separates ordinary from Extraordinary and that word is Extra.

Beadling demands, professionalism on and off the field. Everything from our coaches, to players and our parents, what is expected of each team and player and that is accountability. By putting in the time at practices will produce results.

(BH): I think Beadling has transitioned well from a strong club of teams to a full-service nonprofit club which includes juniors, 1898, regional expansion, both elite and premier teams and now, a futsal academy. The success of the girl’s program benefits from this robust offering as well as continually evolving curriculum that reflects best practices and our own supporting data.
(JH): Our players don’t believe in giving anything less than their best! As a director we ensure this is the culture while also enjoying the game. ​The call ups of our players continue to show that the sky is the limit and we always remind our players that they can achieve anything if they set their minds on it.

(PSN): What would you say about the leagues that you compete in and how they factored into this ranking?

(DK): Every year Beadling analyzes all our teams and coaches. We try and place teams in the most competitive Leagues as possible. Obviously, we can only participate in leagues we can get into. National League is very important to us, the same as the GLC Club vs Club. All other leagues are equally important for our second teams and third teams. There are leagues we believe we should be in but somehow, we get excluded while other seemed to find a way without a track record. I always thought that Clubs/Teams should be rewarded based on their results not entitlement. That I just accept or understand.

(JN): ​I know that being part of the National League, a quality league, Beadling faces some amazing competition every time we step on the pitch.

(PSN): Over the years many players have come through Beadling and found their way to the next level at some higher-level programs as well. How many have moved onto to play Division I?

(DK): For the forty years I have been running the Beadling program. Beadling has been the most successful soccer program here in Western PA. That can’t be disputed. Beadling has won more State Championships, sent more teams to Regionals, sent more teams to Nationals, have had more D1 players, Regional and National team representatives, then any club in Western Pa.

On the women’s side some of the most successful players ( Megan Schnur UConn, Taylor Schram Penn State, Aly Walker Ohio State, Jackie Molinda Penn State, Frannie Crouse Penn State, Amanda Hill WVU, Malory Schafer William & Mary, Veronica Latsko UVA, Lesley Kohlmeyer Wheeling Jesuit 2x All-American) so many more players that went onto to have great college careers at the D2 and D3 level schools that were schools of the players choice. I am sure I am missing many.

(BH): Our staff work hard to support our student-athlete’s goals but are careful to balance those with a good college/athlete match. We want our players to have a positive experience with the best chance of success, both on and off the field. We prioritize the interests of the student-athlete and not the bragging rights of the club. We continue to support our collegiate athletes on social media by featuring their academic and athletic accomplishments.

(PSN): How do you feel the history of the club has help lead to this ranking and how does it help drive the club going forward.

(DK): I don’t believe the clubs’ 100-plus year history has much too with the ranking at all, what the club’s history does show is the consistency on winning and developing players the club has demonstrated over time. We expect a lot, we demand a lot, we don’t dwell in our past but use the club’s past to recognize, success is never easy it requires work and Commitment to excellence.

(BH): In Western Pennsylvania, it means something to play for Beadling – to “wear the B”. Beadling is the classic American soccer story – blue collar roots with a hard working mentality that exists today.

PItt MF Michael Sullivan

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