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Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Final: Indy Eleven 1, Riverhounds SC 0

FINAL: Indy Eleven 1, Riverhounds SC 0


PITTSBURGH POSTGAME with John Krysinsky and Matt Gajtka


A differently played game, but the same result as last time.

Riverhounds lose 1-0 to a goal by Tyler Pasher once again. This time in the 13th minute instead of the 97th minute on ESPN2 the other week.

Indy survived the second half. The Hounds pushed on the final 20 minutes of the first half and the whole second half but just couldn’t get one by Newton.

Respect needs to be given to Indy on packing it in and defending well. But, with being a man up for a whole half, Pittsburgh should have at least tied.

Head Coach Bob Lilley’s side just come out flat for the first 15 to 20 minutes. Carleton and the midfield were consistently playing into Pasher. A goal was bound to happen.

“I don’t think we had a good start,” head coach Bob Lilley said. “We couldn’t get enough pressure. We did a lot of chasing in the first half. We knew they’d be dangerous on the counter, which is how they scored the goal. I think we started the second half well; got the penalty. Sometimes you’re not going to convert, but we had 40 minutes a man up. I don’t think we put enough pressure on Indy.

“I liked the response at the beginning of the second half, but once we got the man up we needed to be more creative. I think we had a chance to turn the game in the second half and we weren’t able to take advantage of it.”

It is unfortunate however that Vancaeyezeele’s header was stopped by a hand ball. If Ayoze was not on the back post it was going in. You wish the shot would just count as a goal but Mertz was given a penalty kick. The Pittsburgh native scored one last game, he was given the chance to take the shot from the spot 12 yards out, but just couldn’t finish it. His shot was good, but Newton was better.

Dos Santos and Mensah were involved but committed a bit too many fouls disrupting the momentum of play. Eventually, in the second half, Forbes, Mertz and others were getting more touches on the ball. The first half consisted of more long balls played into Dos Santos. Their best chances were coming through the midfield to the forwards and getting Dover and James more involved down the wing.

Skylar Thomas had to come out today for the first time all season. Mark Lindstrom from Sweden made his debut in the second half. Ryan James and Vancaeyezeele still have yet to miss a minute for the Riverhounds. Ryan James playing wingback certainly involves lots of running. I would imagine he will be subbed off at some game soon, but him and Vancaeyezeele have been iron men.

Head to head against Indy, they’re now 3-3-2. And in the last 6 games the Hounds are 3-3. Leaving Group F wide open again. A win tonight would’ve given them more security in the table. Now, Hartford Athletic has a chance to be 1st. Indy Eleven continue their dominance in Group E with a 6-2-1 record.

Tyler Pasher the premiere forward in the USL Championship, stays at the top in scoring with 8 goals.

Overall, Riverhounds are now 4-3. And they could really be 7-0 or at least 6-1.

Riverhounds and Indy are building quite a rivalry. Each match feels like a divisional game. I sense they will face each other once again in the playoffs.

Until then, Pittsburgh has many divisional games ahead. Next 2 games are away and then the Riverhounds will return to Highmark Stadium on the 22nd.


Riverhounds SC – Tomás Gomez; Ryan James, Ray Lee (Anthony Velarde 71’), Thomas Vancaeyezeele, Skylar Thomas (Mark Lindstrom 73’), Jordan Dover (Lukas Fernandes 88’); Danny Griffin, Kenardo Forbes, Robbie Mertz; Ropapa Mensah (Mark Forrest 88’), Steevan Dos Santos

Subs not used: Danny Vitiello, Dakota Barnathan, Dani Rovira

Indy Eleven – Evan Newton; Neveal Hackshaw, Mitchell Osmond, Karl Ouimette; Tyler Gibson, Drew Connor, Ayoze, Cameron Lindley; Tyler Pasher (Nick Moon 83’), Andrew Carleton (Matthew Watson 56′), Ilija Ilic (William Connor Antley 57’)

Subs not used: Jordan Farr, Carl Haworth, Jeremy Rafanello, Kenney Walker


96′ – INDY ELEVEN WIN! A superb win for Indy as they played a man down the whole second half! Riverhounds just couldn’t get one in.

Riverhounds 0 – Indy Eleven 1

93′ – Corner kick for the Riverhounds. Big chance here. Velarde taking it but Indy clears

90′ – 6 minutes of stoppage time added. Indy takes an opportunistic chance down the other end and they earn a corner kick

87′ – Riverhounds have a chance in the box but Mensah hands the ball.

Fernandes and Forrest are subbed in as they usually are late in games. Mensah and Dover are out.

86′ – Nick Moon who was just subbed on receives a yellow card for kicking the ball away trying to waste time

82′ – Nick Moon comes on for Tyler Pasher. Indy clearly packing it in and trying to survive these last 8plus minutes. Riverhounds are pouring on more chances.

80′ – Gibson on Indy is given a yellow. He has blood dripping down his face.

78′ – Pasher commits a foul on Vancaeyezeele. Ref will certainly hand out a card if more of these fouls happen

77′ – Dos Santos with another foul. He needs to be careful before he is given a red to even things up

70′ – Thomas makes a perfect tackle on Antley but seems to be in pain.

Riverhounds make their first sub. Velarde comes in for Dos Santos. Lindstrom comes in as well for Thomas. First time Thomas is missing a minute all season.

Last hydration break is happening now

64′ – Lee gets fouled by Gibson. Free kick for the Riverhounds. Forbes is taking it as usual but Indy clears it

62′ – Watson who just entered the match picks up a yellow card with a foul on Mertz.

Also, Ayoze’s red card is the first red card in the USL Championship this season.

59′ – Dos Santos is handed a yellow card

58′ – First subs for Indy. Watson and Antley are both on.

55′ – Players getting in each others faces after James collides with Indy’s keeper. Lindley on Indy is not happy although he pushed James into his goalie. Feels like a true rivalry with these teams

52′ – Indy Eleven will be down a man for the rest of the game. Surely they will make some subs in this second half.

48′ – NO GOAL FOR THE RIVERHOUNDS. Mertz gets a PK and Newton makes the save. In the previous play there was a corner kick that Mertz took. Vancaeyezeele headed it on goal and Ayoze blocked it with his HAND! Therefore Ayoze was given a red card.

46′ – Second half underway! No subs for each team yet. Just a reminder that each team is allowed 5 subs but they only get 3 times to sub them in

45+++ – End of the first half. Indy 1 Riverhounds 0. Hounds starting to connect more passes through the midfield. Getting Dover and James more involved on the wing will be vital. Dos Santos doing a good job of receiving and playing off his midfielders.

45′ – Looks like there will be 3 minutes of stoppage. Thomas commits a foul. Free kick for Indy near the sideline about 40 out

38′ – Mertz with a foul on Ayoze

37′ – Gomez steps out 20 yards outside of his box to clear the ball. Second time he has done that today. Good to be aggressive especially with Indy playing in to Pasher on the run a lot

36′ – Possession has been starting to lean more in the favor of the Riverhounds

30′ – Hydration break for the teams. About 85 degrees at the moment in Indiana

28′ – Dos Santos gets fouled by Gibson. Corner kick about 35 yards out for the Hounds. Forbes taking the kick. Shot on goal in the box but Newton makes the save!

26′ – Carleton draws a foul on Dover

24′ – Wonderful passing play for the Riverhounds Forbes and James but Dos Santos just loses it in the box.

22′ – Hard work for Mertz but doesn’t win the corner kick. Hounds need to play through their midfield more

20′ – Mitch Osmond on Indy has a nose bleed and has to walk off. Will be playing a man down temporarily

13′ – PASHER SCORES. Carleton plays a wonderful chipped ball. That is his third assist. Pasher walks by Gomez and passes in the ball for the goal. That is his 22nd goal all-time for Indy. 8th goal this season. He is still first in the league in goals.

Riverhounds 0 – IndyEleven 1

9′ – Vancaeyezeele has a turnover and Pasher tries to take advantage but Thomas covers for him. Pasher has looked dangerous so far. They’re playing him in a lot.

7′ – Pasher gets played through for a chance but Thomas blocks the shot. Corner kick now for Indy.

Indy has most of the possession so far.

5′ – Free kick about 30 yards out for IndyEleven. Ball is crossed wide. Indy has reset now and tried to play Pasher through but he is offsides again

2′ – Tyler Pasher called offsides. Riverhounds defense will have their eye on him all night.

1′ – High press so far for the Hounds

Pregame – Nick Moon is not starting for the IndyEleven. Not sure if he is hurt. All-time Riverhounds are (3-2-2) against IND. 0-1-1 in away games. Looking to get their first away win against the IndyEleven at the Colts stadium.

Look for starting line-ups to be posted here at approximately 6:30 p.m.


This will be the second time these clubs meet this season. On July 22 at Highmark Stadium, Indy defeated Pittsburgh, 1-0, on a goal from Tyler Pasher (90’+7).

In their last match, the Hounds defeated New York Red Bulls II, 4-1, this past Saturday at Highmark Stadium. As for Indy, it tied Louisville City FC, 1-1, in its latest match this past Saturday.

Pittsburgh and Indy currently sit at the top of their respective divisions and are among the league’s highest-scoring teams. The Hounds have scored 18 goals this season, which is second most in the USL Championship. They also hold the highest goal-differential this season. Meanwhile, Indy has scored 14 goals this season and boasts the second-best point total in the Eastern Conference.


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Riverhounds MF Danny Griffin

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