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What’s More Important: College Soccer or College Education?

This is a special guest geature for Pittsburgh Soccer Now written by Helen Birk

College life sometimes can often be confusing. There are great sports like soccer, and then there is your assignment. Sometimes very boring assignments! That’s why most students resent working on their talents instead of staying in the classroom for hours and struggling so much.

But is this the way to go? Suppose you are not talented like the best soccer players in the world. Will, you ignore your studies for something you are not sure of being successful? Here are the best reasons you should focus on your education more than soccer.

You have limited time as a student

Imagine you have not been playing for all those years and there is another person who has been in soccer for more than ten years! People who excel in the game have trained for a long time and have extensive experience in this sport. With limited time on campus, it’s better to concentrate on your studies. That’s if you have never trained enough.

Your certificate will open more opportunities than soccer. It’s evident in most states, strikers of soccer have been there for years. So, you have to use the limited time you have for research and equip yourself with the best skills needed outside there.

Sometimes for some students, there can be no ideal situation. Especially those that have been trained in the sport since their lower grades. In this scenario, the students must decide for themselves. If you are in a tough situation, hiring a skilled essay writer onlineon EduBirdie and let professional handle the assignment part. The soccer option offers total security in job hunting with the excellent skills it provides. And you still need quality grades. Education is still important even when you have excellent skills, so it should be your priority to seek professional help online. 

A wide array of opportunities

As stated in the above paragraph, great players must have trained. That’s what makes them great in the field. But other students force their way into soccer due to excitement. It’s not that they love soccer, but they want to play like some strikers. So, you have to analyze the opportunities you feel you will get in both.

An education certificate, in this case, feels safer to pursue than playing soccer. After college, there is still time to play soccer without getting distracted, but you may lack time to change your poor performance on your certificates. The education certificate will open a wide array of opportunities in your life. With soccer, you will only be restricted to activities that deal with this game. But again, it’s more of a personal choice.

Spending lots of money on study

Quitting studies and concentrating fully on soccer is often a hard decision. That’s especially true if you try to imagine the amount of money you have to spend on education. Being in one of the top universities in the United States isn’t that cheap. That’s why you shouldn’t waste that money. It would help if you were making the most of the available facilities to come out with many skills.

Probably you have not been training or using a trainer in your soccer practices. That means you haven’t spent a lot of money on this process. You have to sit down and think about the process that has taken much of your money and put more effort into it. Usual education will take the lead.

Sometimes it’s just a waste of time

Most college students play soccer for fun. They have no definite goals that they can follow in this sport. Before you decide on soccer, you need to ask yourself whether soccer is practically everything to you. Is soccer just more than a sport to you? Suppose it’s not, and you are the kind that plays soccer in the parks. You need to get serious with your studies and stop wasting your precious time.

This doesn’t mean playing soccer is a waste of time. It’s only you who is wasting this precious time. At the end of it, you will gain nothing from soccer. Even if there is not much straining with the brain, your legs will. But remember, everything in life should work the way you want. It’s only those that are serious that benefit from soccer.


Whether to play soccer in college or concentrate on studies entirely lies in your hands. There is hardly any time to waste on college. Your decisions must be clear and concise. You have to evaluate the cost of each activity that you will be involved in. Are you ok with the chances of success available, or do you want to explore opportunities? Education is a better choice, after all. You can play soccer professionally after college.

Author’s Bio

Helen Birk writes for a technology company that provides AI solutions to online companies in the education field. She’s a senior content writer with the company and is also listed as a top freelancer on a well-known site that provides essay writing help. Her free time is for learning guitar, watching comedy shows and reviewing movies and tv shows.

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