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Riverhounds SC New Crest, Kits, and TV Deal!

Friday was a bit of a barn burner in terms of news surrounding the future of the club, and we were able to get hot takes from some of the folks there, including:

  • Liz and LauraEllen from #WoMonGoals,
  • Haley Timple from Inside The Box,
  • Riverhounds SC Owner Tuffy Shallenberger,
  • Midfielder Kevin Kerr,
  • And the team’s mascot, Amo!

After that Mike, Kev, and Josh share their thoughts on all of the news before being joined by Brian Gundell, the creator of the Riverhounds new crest.  Together they talk about the inspirations behind the design, Brian’s trip to Pittsburgh, and more.  A huge thanks to Brian for stopping by, go follow him on Twitter at @BGundell.

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Mike is one of the hosts of the Mon Goals Podcast which is dedicated to soccer in and around the Pittsburgh region. He's also the founder of the Beautiful Game Network, where he helps support other podcasters create great shows about the teams and leagues that they love. Learn more at

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